Digital engineering

The entire range of services is implemented using BIM technologies, a significant competitive advantage in the realities of the modern market

The use of 3D modeling and creation of a "digital twin" of the production being built and operated allows the Client to additionally receive up-to-date information about how the facility operate and, consequently, optimize processes and minimize costs.



OPF Compression

The booster compressor station at the Onshore Processing Facility (OPF) under the Sakhalin-2 Project is intended to maintain planned production levels via compensating for wellhead pressure drops in the Lunskoye field wells. The company acted as a system integrator providing a sole information space around the digital model. In addition, specialists used 4D information modeling, where the digital model is synchronized with a network based calendar work schedule. Technologies, such as laser scanning and photogrammetry, were also used, making it possible to track the actual state of the facility being built in dynamics, receive and record information about deviations from design solutions and control the physical work scope on the construction site.

The OPF is located off the north eastern shore of Sakhalin Island in the urban district of Nogliki, 6 km from the coastline of the Sea of Okhotsk.